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Minor Dance 90's Hits But Great Memories !

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Beat Box feat Helena - Feel It Alright 

Jocko - Olé !

Hysterie - Call Me 

Mars Plastic - Find The Way 

Mash - U Don't Have To Say U Love Me 

Digilove - Give You Love 

Joan & John - James !

Mikka - Get Me Up (Higher)

Gala - Everyone Has Inside 

King Size - Fever 

Space Master - Everybody Sing

B-One - Play The Game 

Red Velvet - Lady Don't Cry 

J.K - Go On 

House Control - Calling The Night 

Kiss The Beat - Power People 

Mata Hari - Spy In The Name Of Love 

Lorree Williams - I Keep Lovin'You

Doop - Yoghurt 

Rozlyne Clarke - The Wizard Of Roz

The Nutcrackers - Oup ! Banana

Patrick Juvet - Deep Dark Night 

Anthéa - One More Time 

Bit Machine - Emotion 

Ondina - Summer Of Love 

Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys'95 Remix 

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