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Learn more about Alex Megane who makes people dance for almost two decades !

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Learn more about Alex Megane who makes people dance for almost two decades !

Could you tell us what led you to electronic music ?

Hey thanks for this interview 😊And sure, I have been into music for almost all my life. Starting with my family which is really into music – almost everybody plays an instrument and my grandfather gave me an accordéon as a Christmas present when I was very young to learn an instrument. With me growing up, I got to know the very new and energetic trance and dance music of the 90s which I found very fascinating. Especially the Trance anthems of the late 90s really gave me shivers. So I started producing and luckily quite fast I got the chance of producing the first anthem for an afterparty for a big street-parade here in Germany.

What occupations have you developed in your profession over all these years ?

Due to the fact that I’ve always wanted to deliver high quality music, I’ve been constantly developing all the necessary skills I need to have to bring the best quality to my fans. Whether I am on the stage and playing as a DJ or producing in the studio. I am so thankful for all the fans and the chance to produce music – that’s why I don’t want to disappoint the people and consequently working on all the skills I need.

Did you tell yourself very early that your future would be in music ?

This can be said so! 😊 As I said, from the very early days of my life, I’ve been surrounded by music and my dream was always to produce music and see my productions on compilations or charts – I think so many people have this dream and I am thankful that I can still live this one! And hopefully this dream will not end so fast!

Learn more about Alex Megane who makes people dance for almost two decades !

Could you tell us why did you released music under different names ? Cosmic Culture, Alex M. and Alex Megane.

Sure! I really love different styles of music. Personally I listen to all kinds of music as long as they are good produced and fit to the mood of people.That’s why I also want to produce different styles to really express myself in different ways. This can hardly be done with just one project because fans love a special kind of style they connect with a certain artist. With different projects, I can produce different style without making someone think “ok – why does he release a completely different style of music now with this artist name?” And the fans can choose what music they want to listen to by simply listening to an other project of mine. If they don’t like this particular style they are still happy with their preferred project of mine 😊

What is the most important to you when you make a track ?

I am a fan of good mood. I really want to make people happy. I want them to have a smile on their faces when they listen to a song. In the best case they sing along and If they are in a bad mood they listen to my songs and feel better.

One of your new singles is a cover of “2 Times”, why did you choose to do your own version of this hit from 1999 ?

I am a child of the 90s 😊 I love this area and I am still a big fan of the Eurodance music. If you listen carefully to all my Alex Megane songs you will notice, that I included the typical baseline of the 90s Eurodance in my productions right from the start and now I wanted to honor these great times with a remake of one of my most favorite good mood tracks.

Learn more about Alex Megane who makes people dance for almost two decades !

Did you sent your version to Ann Lee ?

I haven’t done it directly but I sent it to her publisher and they send it to her and she approved – I am so happy about it!

In the video of “2 Times”, are you presenting to us your favorite places to chill under the sun ?

You are completely right. I am grateful to live nearby the beach and this led me to the places I really love. We were so lucky to have exactly the weather I connect with this song – blue sky, clear blue water and the beach – what else do you need to have a great life while listening to this song ?

What other Dance big hit would you like to cover in the future ?

I am not only a fan of the 90s, I really love the 2000s as well. That’s why I covered the big hit “Something” by Lasgo back in 2008. There are also so many great other dance tracks I love to sing along and after my upcoming Single “Gefühle 2020” there will be another great dance cover which I don’t want to reveal right now – but I LOVE it! We can talk about that once it’s released if you like 😉

Learn more about Alex Megane who makes people dance for almost two decades !

You have been exercising now for quite a few years, how do you see the evolution of electronic music ?

I think every form of music, every style has its time. If you don’t evolve you get boring. This is the same with music. I really loved the Trance Anthems of the late 90s and the 2000s and I am a child of the Handsup Scene which made me the Alex Megane I am at the moment but music has to evolve and it constantly does. Like I said – I love all kinds of music as long as the tracks are good. I also have to evolve and that’s why I can’t (and won’t) sound like 10 or 15 years ago. I hope my fans understand that. But I never forget the fans which have been following me for this long time already and that’s why I always include a “New Dance” mix which is the good old Handsup style I still personally love!

Do you mainly listen to electronic music ? What do we find on your playlists ?

Yes, I do listen to electronic music mainly. There are luckily so many styles you can listen to which are all connected with electronic music. In my playlist you will find deep house up to hardstyle and – of course – some handsup as well! 😊If you are interested in what I listen to I will gladly give you the link to a Alex Megane playlist 😊

What are yourfurther projects ?

The year 2020 is a big one for Alex Megane. After « 2 Times », my current single « Runaway » is in the stores and on Friday, 26th of June, my new single « Gefühle 2020 » will be released – I can’t wait 😊Two more singles are already finished, so you can expect great new tracks this year !I also started my own label together with a great friend of mine (you might know him under Marc van Damme), called Golden Chocolate Records where we release great tracks we really love. For example our own Calmani & Grey releases and many more. We are really excited, if you want to – have a listen 😊

Once again – thanks so much for this interview. I have been playing a few times in France and I really had one of the best parties in your country ! Thanks so much for all the fans, I am so grateful to know that you are there ! Let’s party on the next years !

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