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Les Reines Des Clubs en 1990 !

Publié le par Steph Musicnation

Rozlyne Clarke - Eddy Steady Go 

Lonnie Gordon - Happenin' All Over Again 

Black Box - Everybody Everybody

Madonna - Vogue 

Kylie Minogue - Better The Devil You Know

Joy - I'm Leaving 

Black Kiss - Jump On The Floor 

Zouk Machine - Maldon 

Technotronic - Get Up 

Dusty Springfield - In Private 

49ers - Touch Me

Sonia - Listen To Your Heart 

Petra & Co - Just Let Go 

Indra - Let's Go Crazy 

Leila K - Got To Get 

Adeva - I Thank You 

Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World

Beckie Bell - I'll Never Know 

Yazz - Treat Me Good 

Abyale - I Wanna Be Your Lover Too 

Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight 

Lee Marrow feat Lipstick - Don't You Want Me 

Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else 

Betty Boo - Doin' The Do 

Seduction - Two To Make It Right 

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