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90 Les Années Dance (Raretés) !

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20 Fingers Feat Katrina - Sex Machine Excess Remix 

Sarah - Lovin' You Excess Remix 

Patrick Juvet feat. Amnesia - Deep Dark Night 

Ibizaa - I Can Dance 

U96 - Je Suis Selected 

Mary L - Call Me 

Tabatha - Kiss My...

B-One - Play The Game 

Space Master - Everybody Sing 

Gala - Everyone Has Inside 

Nancy - Never 

Anxious - It's Love 

Unsex Feat. Sandy - I Love You Baby 

Jerrell - Tell Me The Secret

Public Art - River 

Flame - Next Time 

Whigfield - I Want To Love 

Magic Affair - The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance 

Black And White  - Do You Know 

Yorgo - Proud 

Arena - Fly Away 

Pearl - Kissing Like A Virgin 

Nemorin - Mission Of Love Dance Edit 

Fun Fun - I'm Needin' You 

Sabrina - Boys Radio Lovers Remix 

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