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Best Of La + Gde Discothèque Du Monde Volumes 6 à 10 !

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Haddaway - What Is Love 

Danube Dance feat Kim Cooper - Unique 

Chase - Music Is My Life 

Def Dames Dope - It's Ok, All Right 

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own 

Robin S - Luv 4 Luv

MC Sar & The Real MC Coy - Another Night 

Culture Beat - Got To Get It 

T-Spoon - No Time To Waste 

M People - Moving On Up

Black Baron - Girl I Love You So

Carpe Diem - Snakecharmer

Maxx - Get A Way

Da Blitz - Let Me Be 

20 Fingers feat Gilette - Short Dick Man 

Abigail - Smells Like Teen Spirit 

2 Unlimited - No One 

Masterboy - Feel the Heat Of The Night 

Ruback - Don't Bring On The Night 

La Bouche - Be My Lover 

Greed - Pump Up The Volume 

Antares - Ride On A Meteorite 

Swing feat Dr Alban - Sweet Dreams 

Alex Party - Don't Give Me Your Life 

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